Touch Wood

Touch Wood


Touch Wood is an exhibition curated and produced by orleanlaiprojectc at K11 Art Space in 2015, lead by Hong Kong music director Leung Kei­cheuk, aka GayBird , in collaboration with Jaffa Lam, thecaveworkshop, Ware. Exhibition architecture by LAAB, lighting design by Allen Fung.

“A journey opening up your ears and eyes, stimulating all your senses. Multi­-disciplinary sound and sculpture experiment, new media music interaction. When eyes and ears and all senses resonate, shaping the most sensory and organic music journey.”

3rd movement ­ DOLCE ALLEGRO
A field of blossom waves with melody that shine. 

The propagation of flowers is an intimate and magical process. The idea behind ‘Blow up’ has been develop to draw peoples’ attention and imagination to this subtle phenomenon in nature. In addition to making some larger­ than­ life flower models, we also amplify their sense of life by integrating sound, colours and lighting effects to portray the life of the flower in more rhythmical dimensions. We can now explore this magical journey of propagation more closely. The installation is made using sectional paper folds, with different parts then intertwined. Thin wood sheets are incorporated to highlight the geometrical shapes of leaves, making the whole form even more solid and three­ dimensional.