2 June, 2014

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional and statutory holiday originating in Hong Kong. This year, invited by Aberdeen Dragon Boat Race, thecaveworkshop has designed a dragon boat installation for this important event.

Dragon boat is not only a sport, it’s also a custom of traditional Chinese festival and an important culture of fishing village. Fishermen do it like a prayer to avoid danger when they’re going to fish, it’s about hope and belief. It means fishing could kills in the past, but will people be thankful when they are eating seafoods today? The polygon shape of dragon boat is not just an installation but also a question, asking the audiences to think about living, well explain by a Chinese idiom “飲水思源”(always be grateful to the ones who gave). 

The use of big piece of wood and simple shape is to project a strong mood of pure and innocent, less decoration which match with our concept - back to basic, we are not covering it up, so do you ever question why it’s so plain? 

Tricia Ling

Whampoa Garden, Hong kong, Kowloon