Detour 2013 - Classroom

DETOUR 2013 - Classroom

29 Nov - 8 Dec, 2013

“DETOUR 2013 finds its new identity as a city-wide campaign by translating the concept of “Curating the City, Performing the City” with afleet of transformed trams connecting to the 5 DETOUR sites. DETOUR Classroom, DETOUR Black Box, DETOUR Eatery and DETOUR Music Box are reconstructed trams from inside out to explore innovative aspects for collective experience.” - DETOUR MATTERS

thecaveworkshop designed the upper deck of the DETOUR Classroom, transform it to a mobile library by designing a wooden wall-length book shelf and benches, the X,Y,Z structure is inspired by the Chinese bamboo scaffolding. Making a functional book shelf which maintain a certain transparency of this tram, make sure there are enough sunlight come through, also matching the concept of this tram - “open education”. It’s a multifunction space for book sharing, talks, workshops and interactive experiences.

“DETOUR Classroom offers passengers a mobile library of art, design and architecture books, saturated on the upper deck, we encouraged passengers not only do reading during the ride, but also joining the evening book club and seminars carried out by authors and creative people. The lower deck is where the tram storytellers share fun facts and history about tram. Transformed from a sixth-generation tram, by keeping the original structures and keeping the farm envelope partially transparent, it exposes the interior space and tram mechanism, which also helped to make this tram a perfect blend of design, practicality and education.” - DETOUR MATTERS