Existence of Void

Existence of Void

Exhibition Period: August 2015 ­ August 2016

Location: Podium, 1/F, Tung Chung Municipal Services Building

Opening Hours: 1100- ­2300 Daily

Existence of void, it is in­ between the dense buildings; right on the corners of the bustling streets; quietly hiding amidst the hectic daily routine. It is no where to be found, yet it is also omnipresent.

In ancient Chinese cultures, pavilions were built for one to stop and reflect its presence with nature. While in modern city plannings, the placement of pavilions created a juxtaposing phenomena. The vast contrast between bustling environment and the tranquility of a pavilion suggest creates an interesting sense of displacement.

The negative space of the pavilion suggests the form of traditional Chinese pavilions, and the contradicting backdrop of the mundane building and a mountain questions the relationship between city planning and nature.

The existence of void dwells in every aspect of our hectic city life, do we have the void to explore it?


‘ARTivating Public Buildings’ is a public art project which transforms government buildings into art spaces.

Presented by: Home Affairs Bureau

Organised by: Art Promotion Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Supported by: Home Affairs Department and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Programme Coordinator: Community Art Network