Light Up

Light Up

27 May ­ 10 June, 2011

Amnesty International is a global movement of supporters, members & activists who campaign for human rights. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Amnesty have collaborated with HK Honey to create a unique project and exhibition that involves 50 local artists. Each artist has created a natural beeswax candle to reflect issues relating to human rights, injustice and dignity. All candles were exhibited at Rat’s Cave and Haji Gallery.

The “infinite staircase” is a metaphor for the fact of fighting for justice it’s an endless path, wishing more people will concern about human rights, injustice and dignity issues in the world. Besides being one of the creative units, thecaveworkshop also designed the display shelf for the show, displaying artworks and transferring the message from Amnesty in the neighbourhood.

Tricia Ling

Whampoa Garden, Hong kong, Kowloon