Growing Up With Hong Kong

Growing Up With Hong Kong

30 November - 16 December, 2012

Crocodile's has been rooted in Hong Kong since 1952, to accompany with the city to enter into new stage with the excellent reputation. In its 60th anniversary, specially invited local creatives to play with the crocodile installations and exhibited the works at Central Oasis Gallery. 

Inspired by the Chinese sexagenary cycle (Stems-and-Branches), a cycle of sixty terms used for recording days or years, cycle of sixty years called “huājiǎ”(花甲) which literal meaning “colourful armor”. We twisted and play it with this idea, adding elements of geometrical form onto the crocodile's body with the multi-angle burst of vibrant colors, meaning the efforts of the brand to keep unique and fresh.

Tricia Ling

Whampoa Garden, Hong kong, Kowloon