Bamboo-Copter Pavilion

Bamboo-Copter Pavilion


A collaboration with KaCaMa

They say dragonflies always hover over places that are cool for there is water, but also for the wind.

This summer, we have dragonflies fluttering in the city.

PMQ, in collaboration with KaCaMa Design Lab and thecaveworkshop, turned the courtyard into a little park where you can sit down and cool off. You can even pick up bamboo-copters and turn them into drifting dragonflies by simply rubbing one in between your hands. It’s just refreshing to see the copters spinning high as if the heat is carried away.

The pavilion is meticulously designed to involve everybody. The rotatable roof of the pavilion collects copters that you fly. As the copters accumulate, the roof flips to drop them. A crystal clear tone is then created as they fall.

The bell rings as the wind springs up. Leave the sweat behind - the mugginess in the air will be swept away. Pick up a copter and have fun! The joy it brings will cool you down.