Our Chair

Our Chair


Size: 400L 500W 850H

Material: Ash Wood & Fabric

The tide of the Umbrella Movement is surging forward with a great momentum. The material meaning of an umbrella has been sublimated to another spiritual layer. The handle of the Our Chair is exactly resonating with the movement. Transplanting the handle from an umbrella to the Our Chair, which reflects upon the continuity and extension of the interpersonal relationship. The behavior of pushing chair for someone should be understood as an act of gentlemen. By then, from the movement, the symbolic of pushing chair is enhanced into a new expression, that everyone should help each other.

Boltie Bench



Size: L480 W195 H420

Material: Maple Wood

Boltie stool is designed based on the traditional Chinese stool. With its smaller size, it is best fitted for the small living spaces. Boltie stools can transform from a stool to a bench and even to a shelf with just a twist of some wing bolts. Boltie stool encourage users to experiment and create their own combinations that will best accommodate their needs. Through experimentations, users learn to challenge and reimagine the olds in new ways.

Small living space is a problem shared by many residents who live in metropolitan cities like Hong Kong. The limited spatial distribution has restricted size and function of household products. Through our observation and everyday life experience, we are finding ways to expand the horizon of single- and multi-functional products. An "inter-functional" household system that foresees new ways of living in small spaces. Bringing traditional to transformational by combining history with contemporary system. Using system design along with product design to enhance the user experience. To help small living space residents on discovering fresh ways of using new and existing goods.